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Nicole Silva - Stamford, CT



Nicole Silva. - Stamford, CT


Joyce, I have finally found you, I have been searching for you for several weeks. My mom Lynn Piscitelli bought a beautiful black mini male from you 34 years ago. Pierre lived to be 18 years old with good sight and in wonderful health. He was a wonderful dog and member of our family. I will email you to make contact. I want another of your poodles for my family. I can't beleive I have found you I am so happy.

Sheryl Grenier - Clearwater, FL


It was wonderful talking with you your site is amazing and the consistancy of what your stud dogs are producing is very evident.

Irena Zaras - West Bend,, IN


I found your beautiful site while searching for poodle breeders. Your dogs are magnificent. I am especially impressed with your wonderful story of your life in poodles. The quality of your poodles reflects your knowledge.

Anne Raftl. CHARLEMAIN POODLES. - Sydney. Australia.,


What lovely poodles, such nice heads and true type. Consistency is evident in your breeding. Congratulations for your obvious dedication to our wonderful breed. I got my first poodle in 1960 and I can't live without them. My daughter Jenneffer and I are 2nd and 3rd generation breeders and exhibitors at Charlemain.

Mrs. George Vasser - Reading,, PA


It is to bad there are some very sick individuals out there that have to make fools of themselves by taunting your beautiful web site. I have enjoyed it thoroughly. Your dogs are magnificent. Jealousy is the root of all evil.This individuan needs to get a life.

Alicia Cross - London, England,


Your website is outstanding your dogs photos are easily accessable. Your story is well written and gives one a sense that you are very knowledgable and an outstanding breeder, it shows in your poodles. Enjoyed my visit.

Jutta Kronauer - Wiesboden, Germany,


Your beautiful dogs are a pleasure to the eyes. Some of the most beautiful I have seen. I am new for this sport. I will contact you to purchase one of your poodles.

Shelly Brandon - Sand Springs, OK


Outstanding poodles, Joyce! I am indeed looking forward to bringing one of these beautiful dogs home.

Diane Hartjes - Park Falls, WI


HI, Your minis are some of the nicest I've seen in YEARS!!!! Diane

Sven Lubik - Hallsberg, Sweden,


Hello again, So nice speaking with you again my wife and I can not wait for puppy to arrive we keep looking at your site to see all your beautiful dogs. It is so easy to see the influence of the Clay Mar/Joyview no matter which bitch is bred to your dogs. Thank You so much!

Katya and Timari Joyview Lirique - Moscow,


Hello! Your dogs are beautiful!

Jyll Pivnick - Johnson City, TN


After speaking with you, I Had to see your beautiful babies, WOW.....I'll take one of each!

Janet Crilley - sydney australia,


Hi i am janet from TANJE POODLES australia love your dogs, like you i have a deep love for brown and black miniatures. cheers good luck

Mrs. E.C. Jensen - Lansing, MI


Your website is wonderful. I have been a poodle lover for many years. Especially the Joyview and Clay Mar lines. You certainly do have a clear vision of the breed standard. It is a pity the other breeders out there don't have a clue. Your dogs are magnificent. Keep up the good work the breed needs you.

Rosemary Youngberg - Johnson City, TN


We aptopted Nico from Mrs. Guy a little over a year ago. He is the most loyal and sweet companion to our 9 year old daughter. He is well mannered, intellegent, and is as protective as he is gracious. We couldn't have asked for a better addition to our family . Thank you Mrs. Guy. PS Jennifer says hi to all the other poodles! Sincerely, Rosemary

Cindy and Robert Tufts - Auburn, AL


Love your web. Harley (Josh) is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. He is healthy active and beautiful. No more problems with shoulder. A growing pain type thing I guess. He is so eager to please than just a small correction and time out in the crate produces excellent response. We just love him so much. We hug on him constantly. Thank you for assisting Doug. Did he reserve a puppy??? Can't wait to see Damien photos. Where is show?? I have considered discussing another one if something happens to Nicholas. Do not want Harley to be lonely. Robert is somewhat reluctant but willing to consider the possibility. But only if one of your puppies. Will send more photos when Robert gets them downloaded. Love, Cindy

Jennifer Youngberg - Johnson City, TN


I love the puppies!

Billie Gamble - Chapel Hill, NC


I have been fortunate enough to have been allowed the privelage of adopting one of Joyce's babies "Ari". The process was nearly as intense as adopting a human. She made darn sure he was going to a good home. He return's to "Grandma's" regularly for grooming and considers it his second home. He is the most intelligent and beautiful dog I have evr owned! Thanks Joyce. I LOVE your web site.

Dr. Marilyn van Duffelen - Burlington, VT


I am a proud owner of "Katje" aka Sadie, and she is an absolute joy. She is a Therapy Dog extrordinaire, mountain climber, hiker, biker and agility star. Thank you Joy.

Dianna Morris - Cayuga, Ontario Canada,


Amazing site, I found myself holding my breath while viewing the pictures of your outstanding dogs, they are truly breath taking. Hats off to you. Dianna

Susan Jewell - wilmington, NC


It was so nice meeting you at the Raliegh show. I hope to speak to you at the PCA show in June. I often get mini inquires and will be sure to pass them your way. Your site looks great! It's nice to meet such a nice breeder.

Penny Strandberg - Rougemont, NC


Your web site is looking great. Congrats on your little boy winning his 14th point. He will be a champ in no time. Now you need to get the puppy pictures out there so folks can see how absolutely adorable they are. :-)

Gloria Miller - Bartlett, IL


Best wishes to all the Joyview poodles from the Clay-Mar Poodles!

k.Turner - Hartford,, CT


Beautiful sight beautiful dogs, can't wait to get one of your puppies.

Doug Dershimer - Suwanee, GA


Joyce, the site looks great. Look forward to working with you . Thnaks


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