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I bought my first poodle 40 years ago for my four children as a family pet at the recommendation of our pediatrician. All of my children had bad allergies. The doctor suggested that a poodle would be the best breed for that reason.

""Tiki", as we affectionately named him, was a $75.00 half miniature half toy ( bred ) black. It didn't take us long to fall hopelessly in love with him. His intelligence was amazing. I must admit he wasn't much to look at when he finally matured out, but we all loved him anyway.

My father, Paul W. Jolie, a well-known collie breeder in the 50's and 60's, was not taken with Tiki and kept saying he wanted to buy me a real poodle, a black miniature from fine breeding...

I finally agreed to get a 2nd poodle at my father's insistence. He did much research for this dog, including he and I flying to New York to spend several days doing research on the breed at the AKC Library on Madison Avenue.

He finally decided that an English bloodline (Montfleuri) would be best. He then set out to purchase a miniature poodle from that bloodline.

My Dad made all the arrangements for the purchase of the dog. He promised that this poodle would bring much happiness into my life. Since the day that beautiful 7-month old puppy arrived at Logan Airport in Boston, Massachusetts I have had a great love affair with miniature poodles.



His name was Damien. He was black and the most elegant 4-legged creature I had ever seen with the most beautiful long lean head and small eyes. His gentle loving nature sealed the deal.

My Dad and I took turns gaiting him up and down the pavement on the dead-end cul de sac in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, where I lived, so each of us could have a turn just gazing at his flawless movement and beautiful side picture. It took my breath away.

Being raised around race horses and collies gave me an early appreciation for the beautiful movements of these animals. Damien lived to be 17 years old; he still had good eyesight and all his teeth when he died.

When Damien was 2 1/2 years old, we bought 2 bitches to show and later to breed. In 1981 I went through 2 personal tragedies and decided to sell most of my show dogs and move to North Carolina and start a new chapter in my life, taking a break from breeding poodles.



In 1992, my friend Gloria Miller of Clay Mar Poodles, who was the co-breeder of Damien, summoned me to Pittsburgh to visit her for Easter. We had a wonderful visit but it was time for me to go home.She became very serious and told me that she was very ill and not able to continue on with her dogs and kennel.

She was walking me to my car and said, "Wait just one minute. I forgot something." Then she went into her show kennel and came out with this magnificent brown miniature poodle.

I said, "Who is this?" And she said, "This is your new dog."

I was in tears when I asked his name. She replied, "Clay Mar Dunncan Hynes. Use him wisely and protect my bloodline. He will produce for you.

"He is a 15 1/2 inch dog -- don't bring him to Dennis (Dennis McCoy, professional handler) because he will fuss at me for sending him an oversized dog."



This dog, without a question in my mind, had one of the most beautiful heads I had ever seen in miniatures. His body and movements were equally as beautiful. Duncan was so perfect it took me almost 4 years to find a bitch worthy of him to breed to.

I finally saw a beautiful brown bitch at a Raleigh dog show that was an import from Finland owned by Tarmo Virtela and here in this country to be shown and bred. I spoke with the young woman to whom Mr. Virtela had entrusted this beautiful bitch in regards to breeding her to Duncan.

I later found out that the bitch had been bred to another brown dog and had died of a mastitis while nursing her pups because she was given herbal medicine and denied proper veterinary care. The surviving puppies had to be hand-raised.

Amazingly, it was one of these surviving puppies that Duncan finally got to be bred to. This started his career as a stud dog. He produced Ch. Timari Joyview Keepsake and Timari Joyview Khurrem (13 pts) from his first litter of 3.

He then was bred a second time, which produced Ch. Timari Joyview LeMans and a Russian champion and Best in Show Winner, Russian Ch. Timari Joyview L i r i q u e. He was bred a third time, which produced Ch. Timari Joyview Main Event and Ch. Timari Joyview Malaika. He has several other pointed children, including 1 black son, Joyview's Justification, with 13 points.

Because of my loyalty to Gloria Miller (of Clay Mar), all of these breedings were done with a full partnership agreement and under my watchful eye to enable me to protect the Clay Mar offspring and ensure their proper placements and to guide them in their show careers to championships.



With my health declining and getting close to 70 years old, I will continue to see beautiful Joyview/Clay Mar poodles grace the ring for all to love and enjoy by remaining as a mentor and guide in the breeding program to my great niece and a trusted friend, Joanne Long.

Both of these young women have a great love and appreciation for these fine poodles and enjoy and appreciate the luxury of knowledge I have to share after 40 years in breeding and owning Black and Brown miniature poodles. They also acknowledge and embrace the importance of genetic testing.



Our genetic testing in Joyview poodles goes back long before other poodle breeders ever thought to do testing. Because of my father being a collie breeder in the 50's and 60's and all of the genetic problems that breed experienced during that period of time, I learned at 11 years old when my dad was breeding collies how devastating it can be to a breeder to find your dog has a genetic problem.

I know also that genetic testing alone is not enough to ensure genetically sound dogs. One must know the pedigrees for generations and generations back. One must also know type, movement, and structure of these animals.

Most importantly, one must have a true desire to improve the breed. All too many breeders out there today breed dogs to live off the backs of their bitches. I have always worked a full time job and sometimes two jobs to support my dogs and to give them the finest they deserve. They are a very unique breed and the great love of my life.




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